James Gregory Hopper

James Gregory Hopper
MSVTS 1984-1986

James Gregory Hopper chose to attend Mayo State Vocational Technical School (MSVTS) upon his graduation from high school. His reason: MSVTSs tuition was affordable, and I could pay my own way. Also, the school offered the program in which I was interested.

Greg knew he wanted to be an electrician and, with the assistance of his instructors, he began his mission to obtain a two-year diploma. He stated he greatly appreciates all that his instructors, Jim Conley, Dwight Crider, and Gary Lewis, have done for him personally, and he still stays in contact with them even though it has been twenty-seven years since he was in the classroom.

Greg said, MSVTS had the necessary staff and required resources to simulate an actual work environment. This prepared me to enter the field and gave me the confidence I needed to tackle any task within my level of knowledge. Attending MSVTS and studying electricity was a great overall experience. While at MSVTS, he was a member of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), a local, state and national organization that coordinates competitions emulating the skills participants learn in the classroom.

The MSVTS graduate was awarded an Industrial Electricity diploma in April, 1986. As a result of the stringent program of study, his expertise includes blueprint reading, theory, math, building code guidelines, electronics and safety procedures. After graduation, he was employed at Highlands Regional Medical Center as an electrician where he remained for thirteen years, at Kingsly Compression as a troubleshooter on gas and electric compressors for three years, and in the oil and gas industry as a well technician and troubleshooter on production systems for ten years. He is currently an employee of Chesapeake Energy. Greg feels MSVTS became my conduit to a wonderful and rewarding career.

To seek out additional information about his experiences, please email him at jghop@icloud.com.