Dr. Jamie N. Brodarick

Dr. Jamie N. Brodarick
PCC 2001-2002

Dr. Jamie N. BrodarickDr. Jamie N. (Osborne) Brodarick impressed those of us who knew her with her unwavering motivation and dedication to her studies. Knowing that education was a must to be successful, Jamie began attending PCC as a high school student in 2001 and worked in the colleges library on the weekends. Upon high school graduation, she enrolled full-time at PCC completing an additional 33 hours while working in the colleges Wellness Center.

Jamie always knew she wanted to major in psychology and family therapy.but she wasnt exactly sure what route her career would take. With this in mind and with the steadfast support of her parents, she transferred to the University of Kentucky at the end of her first year. Three years later in May 2005, UK awarded her the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. But, receiving her degree was not all that happened as a result of her transferring to UK. She also met her husband, Michael, and the two were married in 2011; he is a practicing attorney in Florida.

Jamie moved to Florida to pursue her interests. Her education continued non-stop. In 2008, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) awarded her a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. And, this year, with congratulations from all, NSU awarded her a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her mother, Mary Halbert, is a BSCTC employee and could not be any prouder of her daughter.

When asked about her career path, Jamie said, I have worked with a variety of populations, from preschool children to the geriatric population and every age group in between. As opportunities were presented, I learned new skills with each population. Currently, I work with people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and their family caregivers. I knew as early as my sophomore year in college after working briefly for a retirement community that I wanted to ultimately work with this population.

She has administrative and clinical work experience. Jamie is currently the Program Services Manager for the Alzheimers Association in West Palm Beach, Florida supervising two care consultants, recruiting, training, and overseeing 35 support group facilitators across seven Southeast Florida counties, and overseeing a helpline consultation service that provides support, counseling, education and resources to those seeking information about Alzheimers disease. Her clinical experience includes time as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Counselor and Case Manager for the Henderson Mental Health Center, Childrens Facilitator and Parent Educator for Family Central, Inc., and Therapist for the Brief Therapy Institute at NSU.

Coming from a small community where volunteering is an expectation, Jamie continues her community service activities. In Florida, she volunteered as a therapist for Hospice by the Sea, Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options, and Students United with Parents Educators to Resolve Bullying. She is currently an active member of the Junior League of Boca Raton.

When asked how her time at PCC contributed to her success, she said, PCC provided a wonderful foundation to jump start my academic career. It was a very comfortable environment for me to take my basic courses. I developed great relationships with some of the faculty and many of them went the extra mile to cultivate my interests, which offered a personalized experience. I really appreciated this. These experiences provided me with a great example for the type of instructor I wanted to become later in my career. Jamie draws from these experiences now as an adjunct faculty member for both Big Sandy and Maysville Community and Technical Colleges.

Jamies advice to high school seniors: When I reflect upon my college experiences, I understand why people say it is the best time of your life. You are exposed to so many interesting people and have endless opportunities to grow as a person. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to discover which courses/subjects interest you most and will help you achieve your goals. Do not be discouraged if you don't have a clear plan when you enter or even return to college. College is an opportunity to discover yourself, identify your values, and recognize your potential. Selecting the best environment for you to do these things is an important decision. Listen to your parents and a trusted advisor. Tour campuses, sit in on a few classes, and talk openly with the professors. This is the time to take charge of your destiny and be diligent in your research. You should listen to your instincts. You know yourself well enough to know what type of environment you feel most comfortable in and what things are most important to you (e.g. small class sizes, convenient courses, diverse course option, etc.). I would advise focusing less on where all your friends are going because you will make new friends and evolve as you enter adulthood.

There are numerous accomplishments not mentioned. If you are interested in finding out more about the accomplishments and the career path Jamie has chosen, dont hesitate to email her at josborne0102@kctcs.edu.