Arlie O. Daniels, Jr.

Arlie O. Daniels, Jr.
MSVTS 1982-1987

Arlie O. Daniels, Jr. attended Mayo State Vocational Technical School (MSVTS) half days while attending Johnson Central High School as a junior and senior from 1982-1984. He progressed to full-time status through 1987. He chose MSVTS because of the Industrial Electricity program which covered subjects outside of electricity including hydraulics and pneumatics.

While at MSVTS, Arlie was a member of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), a local, state and national organization that coordinates competitions emulating the skills participants learn in the classroom. He developed leadership skills as a VICA officer and confirmed the skills he obtained in the classroom by participating in the electricity competition. Arlie was an exceptional student graduating with the highest GPA in the class. He was awarded the Industrial Electricity diploma in January, 1987.

After graduating, Arlie moved to Columbus, Ohio and worked six years in the electrical and HVAC industry. Though the work was rewarding, he had a desire to return to Kentucky where job opportunities were available in the mining industry. He also knew to be competitive in the job market he would need additional certifications. He completed the requirements for the low med and high voltage certification. He worked in the mining field for six years. Always seeking to add to his skills, he learned to run mining equipment while working in the mining industry. Seeing an opportunity to expand his career options, he purchased the equipment needed to engage in contract work, applied for a mining permit, and mined the coal on his personal property. He also contracted work with local gas companies in Kentucky.

During this time, he learned about the pipeline industry, became a pipeline inspector, and has been doing this work since 2007. Arlie currently works for Protech EIS, a pipeline service company.

Arlie said, MSVTS was a great experience, and I can't say enough about the teachers, Jim Conley, Dwight Crider, Gene Honeycutt, and Gary Lewis. They all went above and beyond to help us. I still stay in touch with them to this day. I'm sure that the knowledge and experience I gained at MSVTS has helped me in the career path I have taken.

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