Nellie Sue Baldwin

Nellie Sue Baldwin

Nellie BaldwinNellie Sue Baldwin is one of the employees who students came to know on a first name basis. As Food Service Worker I, she worked in the Mayo cafeteria and, after consolidation, she moved to the BSCTC Prestonsburg campus and became the Food Preparation Coordinator for Nellies. She said, You can really get close to students, and they become your friends forever! Initially hired in October, 1994, she has added many to her list of friends.

When asked what working at the colleges meant to her, Nellie said, Oh, my! Working at the College was great. We were a family. I enjoyed meeting new students and serving them. Sometimes I wish I was still there. It was obvious that Nellie loved her jobshe even said, I enjoyed my job at the College so much. I really miss the work and the people. It was the best job anyone could have at a good place!

After her resignation in January, 2013, she did not slow down. She has continued active involvement with the Kentucky Apple Festival as a valued board member, spends time sewing, and enjoys her home life with her husband and her goddaughter who lives with the two of them.

If you are like me and want some of her fantastic recipes, she might share if you email her at