Leo and Laura Weddle

Leo and Laura Weddle
PCC 1966-1994

Leo and Laura on a Camel!The husband and wife team, Leo and Laura Weddle, were among the first employees hired by Dr. Henry A. Campbell, Jr. to teach at the new two-year community college. Leo taught psychology and Laura, English/literature. According to the two of them, the 28 years at PCC were some of the richest, most satisfying years of our lives. We still cherish many of the friends we made there.

Leo and Laura raised their two children, Lynn and Jeff, in Prestonsburg and in the wonderful culture of rural eastern Kentucky. Both children attended PCC and Lynn later taught in the nursing program. She is now a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a thriving practice in Lexington. Jeff has a PhD and is a History of Communications professor in the University of Alabama graduate school. His wife, Jill, is a colleague of his and a professor in library science. Leo and Laura are the proud grandparents of Gus, 10, and Harper, 5.

Almost immediately upon their retirement, Leo and Laura began traveling. In nearly twenty years of retirement, the couple has covered much of the world. Some of the most interesting places they have traveled include Russia, China, Peru, fourteen countries in Europe and the British Isles. Their latest adventure took them to India in 2012they traveled with the University of Kentucky Honors student group and their teacher, Dr. Sonya Jones, a former student of theirs.

They both feel that one of their most interesting and satisfying activities since their retirement has been that of writing. Leo published a memoir,As Time Goes By, and Laura published a book of short stores,People Like Us. Another of her books of short stories will be hitting the shelves soon.

If you would like to reconnect with the Weddles, email them atlauraweddle33@yahoo.com.