Judith Reed Bowen

Judy Reed Bowen & FamilyJudith Reed Bowen was hired at Mayo State Vocational-Technical School on March 6, 1979 as the Vocational Teacher III Child Care. According to Judith, When Mayo Day Care was created, I was hired as the director/teacher. That was my position for 18 years. The position ended one year after I retired. During my years there, we served over 400 pre-school children from 2 to 5 years of age.

Ninety-five percent of her time was spent teaching a Day Care Center Program. Post-secondary students at MSVTS would leave their children at the Day Care Center for training and they, as parents, would be taught skills in child care and child development. This was innovative in two ways: 1) it was a no-cost service provided to Mayo students; and, 2) there were no kindergartens in the Johnson County schools the first five years of her 18-year tenure at MSVTS.

The day care was originally housed at the Paintsville Recreation Center and later moved to the MSVTS campus in the house which is now home to BSCTCs president, Dr. George D. Edwards.

Judith indicated, Working at the school allowed me to continue working with my special groupchildren. With the two incomes, my husband and I were able to better meet the needs of our four children.

Since retirement on July 1, 1997, Judith has been busy quilting, crafting, camping, gardening and having fun with her grandchildren.

To contact Judith, readers may emailbowenjwood63@yahoo.com.