H. Kenneth Fuller

H. Kenneth Fuller
PCC/BSCTC 1975-2008

KenFullerKen Fuller arrived at Prestonsburg Community College in 1974and, as he says, the rest is history. He ended a very successful teaching career at the College in 2008 when he retired; however, his commitment to education continues as a fourth term elected Paintsville Independent School District board member and an assistant PHS tennis coach. While at PCC, Ken taught every chemistry course PCC/BSCTC offered includingPreparation for College Chemistry,General College Chemistry I & IIplus labs,Organic Chemistry I & IIplus labs,Elementary General, Organic and Biochemical Chemistry(i.e., Nursing Chemistry), and, on occasion, Beginning BowlingandBeginning TennisHPR classes.

Retirement keeps Ken busy. His and Lenedas only child, Ginny, graduated from Georgetown College and then from UK with a Physician Assistant Masters and is now employed as a pediatric PA in Paintsville. She and her husband are parents of BrandtKens and Lenedas first grandchild. According to Ken, they are happy babysitting the grandson and grand-puppy.

Ken also serves as Director of the Highland Inspirational Singers (HIS), sings bass in the Highland Bluegrass Gospel Quartet, cooks for the mens breakfasts, and leads the congregational singing at the Highland Church of Christ in Paintsville.

Kens commitment to PCC/BSCTC and what these institutions and students meant to him can best be shown in his own words:

To those who knew me, Ive always said God brought me to PCC. Through various circumstances, the College called me without my knowing of an opening or having filled out an application for the position. The rest became history and a teaching career. In many ways PCC was a perfect fit for my expertise, talents, and personal goals. PCC had the most educated and dedicated faculty and staff in the UKCCS, and I enjoyed working with them.

I loved working with students, helping them learn, and interacting outside the classroom whether in help sessions or extra-curricular activities. PCC rewarded me with a lifetime of memories of students, TATT Club activities such as tournaments and picnics, Mountain Dew Festivals, and a lot of funny stories that happened in my classes. Many former PCC students (not only the ones I had in class) frequently ask my wife, Leneda, whether I still play table tennis. She usually comments that I must not have spent much time in the classroom. What I remember is that every semester Tom Whitaker and I always compared notes to see who had the highest contact-hour load.

Upon reflection, those thirty-three plus years of teaching passed very quickly. While cleaning my office prior to retirement, I spent a lot of time remembering each of the students whose advising folders I had kept since 1975. There were so many of those PCC advisees who passed through my classes and later became doctors, dentists, pharmacists, vets, PAs, physical therapists, nurses, researchers, engineers, teachers, etc. My students did not have to be pre-professional to be successful, and I always prayed that my influence upon their lives was positive. To me, teaching students and affecting their lives never became stale, and I was still learning how to be a better teacher up to my retirement.

When asked if I miss teaching, my usual response is No, but I do miss interacting with students and colleagues.

To contact Ken Fuller, email him athkenfuller@suddenlink.net.