Christine Roelker Conley

Christine Roelker Conley
PCC/BSCTC 1996-2011

Chris ConleyChristine Conley Roelker graduated from Berea College with an English major in 1970; completed a Masters Degree in Higher Education: Post-secondary Education/Student Personnel Administration in 1973. She was attracted to the field by a desire to help college students have a fulfilling, interesting experience while gaining an education. She was hired in 1996 by Dr. Deborah Floyd to direct the Continuing Education/Community Services office at Prestonsburg Community College. Chris said, It was a wonderful day when I began working for the College. It also marked the start of 15 years of service to the students and communities in the region.

After five years with CE/CS, Dr. George Edwards asked her to assume the role of Director of Institutional Effectiveness. That interim appointment became full-time a year later and continued until December 2005 when Dr. Edwards asked her to assume new duties. For the next five years, she served in many roles including teaching online. When she began to prepare for retirement, Chris was serving as the Coordinator of the Scholarship Committee.

Conley said, Those final two years, serving to directly help students find ways to finance their education, were some of the best I spent at BSCTC. It took me back to direct service and contact with students. I spent my days helping both current and prospective students. It was a lovely way to finish my career in higher education.

She truly enjoyed her time at PCC and BSCTC. Christine stated, I feel quite lucky to have had fifteen years serving the Big Sandy community. The Colleges role in helping the region become stronger is vital. I am so grateful to Dr. Floyd for giving me a chance to be part of its work and to Dr. Edwards for the continuing opportunities.

Chris husband, Jim Conley, also is a BSCTC retiree. The two have been married since 1980 and together have one son, Stephen. Stephen is an attorney, married and living in Atlanta. He and his wife are expecting the Conleys first grandchild in November.

When Chris retired, she and Jim moved to Lexington. They have begun a new life in a new town and are enjoying finding out about their new home.

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