Brenda Castle Keefer

Brenda Castle Keefer
PCC 1971-1981

Brenda Castle became a PCC employee in 1971. She taught Integrated Human Biology, Introduction to Human Biology and Health, Introduction to Biology, Introduction to Nutrition and Introduction to Microbiology and Lab during the 10 years of employment at Prestonsburg Community College. She left PCC, one of the colleges within the University of Kentucky Community College System, to pursue her dream of obtaining a medical degree. She attended the UK Medical School and graduated in 1985, completed her residency in Psychiatry in 1989, and remained on the UK faculty until she moved to Florida in 1993.

After moving to Fort Myers, FL, she opened a medical practice in psychiatry and currently works three days a week. In 2005, she purchased an Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL) machine, and two days per week she gives photo facials. She owns the medical building that houses her practice and rents space to other physicians and psychotherapists.

Brenda is married to Charles Pappas, a retired attorney from Boston. She also has one daughter, Becky, who is the Director for the Solid Waste Department for City of Franklin, TN.

Brenda stated: I have many fond memories of the years I spent teaching at PCC. It was very fulfilling for me as a faculty member to have students return and report their achievements to which they felt that I had contributed. My students were unaware that they also contributed to my confidence as well which supported my achieving my own goals. Many people are unaware that when I walked into my first class on the first day of medical school, two of my former PCC students were in my class! Every day I use teaching techniques, skills and other tools to help my patients have a healthier and happier life. Many of those basic skills were acquired while teaching at PCC.

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