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Scholarship Application

Application Deadline:  April 1, 2021

Scholarship recipients must maintain full-time status, meet all scholarship criteria and strive to achieve satisfactory academic progress. Failure to obtain scholarship requirements will result in forfeiture of the scholarship and loss of eligibility for future awards. Any changes should be reported immediately to the Scholarship Office located on the Prestonsburg Campus, Student Center, Suite 103 or via email at

You must select the scholarships you are applying for.

Upon submission of this application, I agree and understand the following:

  • Students must be enrolled in 15 hours unless their program of study does not require full time status.
  • Scholarship recipients must provide a thank you letter to the donor.
  • I authorize the BSCTC Scholarship Office to release pertinent information to any scholarship provider or others as it relates to this award.
  • I authorize the BSCTC Scholarship Office to release pictures regarding scholarships and achievements to newspapers and other college publications.
  • Students may not by law be over awarded. This means if your financial aid, loans and/or scholarships is above your projected budget then your scholarship will be adjusted and/or cancelled.
  • High school transcript must be on file in the admissions office.
  • College transcripts must be on file in the admissions office