Admission FAQs

When Should I Apply?

BSCTC has an Online application process which can be completed 24/7. However, to ensure adequate time to provide transcripts and test scores you should complete the application two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which you wish to enroll. Apply Online Now at

What if my file is incomplete?

After the application process is complete, The Office of Admissions and Records will provide each student with a Check-In Sheet indicating missing items or a complete file. No student shall enroll in courses until the Admissions file is complete.

When do I enroll?

Once you have applied, you will receive a letter of acceptance, which will provide you with information regarding placement testing, transcript requirements and your Student ID number. Once all Admissions requirements are met you and an advisor will complete your schedule.

How will I know which classes to take?

Our academic advisors will help you plan your program based on your previous education, career and personal goals.

When should I pay for my classes?

You'll pay for classes before classes begin. Refer to the academic calendar for specific deadlines. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you get financial aid or a scholarship, you can request a tuition deferment until you receive those funds.

Can I talk with a counselor?

Absolutely! You can discuss career plans, course selection, program or degree requirements, transfer requirements, and other concerns you may have.

Will I get an advisor?

Yes! All BSCTC students who are degree seeking are assigned an academic advisor. It is extremely important to meet with your academic advisor to discuss your program progress on a regular basis.

Am I required to declare a major when I submit my application?

No! Any student can be Undecided for the first 30 hours of being enrolled in college. However, declaring a major early allows us to assign an academic advisor tailored to your specific needs.

How long will it take me to earn a degree?

You can tailor our program to fit your needs. If you attend full time, you can expect to complete a degree program in four to six semesters. Attending part time allows you additional semesters to complete your degree.

How many credits will I need?

Both the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees require 60 hours of General Educational studies. Applied Science degrees may require between 62 and 77 credit hours of General Education and Technical components that are required for their program of study.

What options do I have for attending class?

We have several options to help you tailor the program to fit your life. You may decide among:

  • Part time or full time
  • Day and evening classes
  • On and off campus sites
  • Distance learning classes, including interactive television, and online study.
  • Learn On Demand
  • Direct To Degree

What is my Student ID number?

Your Student ID number will be provided to you when you complete your online application. Before submitting the last page it is advisable to take note of your application number and your Student ID number for future reference. If you have access to a printer, please print the last page of the online application before clicking submit. Also, you will be receiving an acceptance letter to the e-mail address that you provided on your application. The acceptance letter will provide your Student ID number as well. Please note that we cannot provide confidential information via phone. Therefore, a visit to a local KCTCS Admissions and Records Office may be required to obtain assistance.