Civil Engineering Technology

Civil engineering technicians help civil engineers plan and oversee the building of highways, buildings, bridges, dams, waste water treatment systems, and other structures and do related research. Some estimate construction costs and specify materials to be used Some may even prepare drawings or perform land-surveying duties. Others may set up and monitor instruments used to study traffic conditions.

Where can I work?

Transportation, water supply, and pollution control systems, as well as large buildings and building complexes. Civil engineering technicians could also work with Federal, State, or Local Governments as well as Civil Engineering Consultants in the private sector.

How much will I earn?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the national median annual wage for occupations in this area of study is $46,900. Find Out More

How long will it take to complete the program?

This program usually takes 4 semesters to complete.

What are the program options?

  • Associate of Applied Science

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