Career & Transfer Services

Career & Transfer Services (CATS) provides comprehensive support to students in areas of career development and transfer planning.

Location and contact information

  • Pikeville campus N 105J Elizabeth Cole ext. 81215
  • Prestonsburg campus - Student Center 100A - Leslie Bays - ext. 67391
  • Prestonsburg campus - Student Center 104A - Jeff Hicks - ext. 94841


  1. Maintaining information on four-year colleges in Kentucky and other states.
  2. Hosting visits from four-year college recruiters.
  3. Hosting visits to four-year colleges and universities.
  4. Hosting transfer and job fairs.
  5. Helping students find transfer applications and information.
  6. Helping students complete scholarship applications for transfer schools.
  7. Helping students find employment opportunities, fine-tune resumes and cover letters, and develop career plans based on interest and abilities through collaboration with Job Clubs of Eastern Kentucky, a partnership of the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training, JobSight, and Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc.