Irish Food Sampling

A thatch roof Irish house.

BSCTC will be having an Irish Food Sampling on March 17th from 11:00-1:00 on all campuses.
The President’s Diversity Advisory Council and The Regional Office of Cultural Diversity is sponsoring an awareness and celebration of the Irish culture. Activities will occur on all four campuses on March 17th. The event will include an Irish cook-off/bake-off and food sampling.

If you are interested in participating in the competition, please respond back to me and let me know. After the judging, the food will be served to students and employees attending the events.

The college will be providing a couple of dishes (probably soups or stew) and will make sure that some food is available on each campus. However, we also would like to encourage employees to participate in the food sampling by bringing food.

Since the theme is Irish culture, all food items should be either Irish or green in color (for St. Patrick’s Day). So, hopefully, between the Irish dishes provided for the cook-off, the food provided by the college, and the Irish dishes or green colored food provided by employees, we should have a good food sampling event for our students.

We hope to make this a fun event for all.

For more information, contact Tina Terry @