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TMI Center for Innovative TeachingTMI! Center for Innovative Teaching will serve teachers at Big Sandy Community and Technical College by providing forums, online and in-person, in which to share & celebrate ideas and effective classroom practices.

Upcoming Events

TMI! Professional Development Day
March 18, 2016 (Friday after Spring Break)


Religious Worldviews and How They Shape the Global Climate

We live in a pluralistic world—a world plagued by wars, famine, injustice, suspicion, antagonism, political upheaval, and a general lack of understanding of people who do not share the same set of values, beliefs, and goals. We must be aware of the beliefs of others, even if we do not share or accept those beliefs. The net total of the beliefs, values, and way of thinking of a group of people is called a Worldview. Many factors contribute to a particular Worldview but perhaps none is more important than the exclusively human realm called religion. Cats don't deal with religion and neither do ponies or monkeys. Only humans concern themselves with this area of concern. In this session, we will consider a variety of religious worldviews in the hope that we might better understand the events unfolding on the evening news every day.

Johnson Building, 144 (TMI Center)
Presenter: David Profitt

Understanding the Violent Person

This presentation will introduce the audience to the concepts of resilient vs. violent personalities. We will explore theories and warning signs that violence is about to occur. We will also discuss strategies to help the audience handle various violent outbursts.

Pike Building, 114
Presenter: Sabra Jacobs

Teaching from the Outside

Teaching from the Outside: One method to cover chapter content while facilitating student engagement, involvement and interaction. This will be a brief presentation on one method of presenting content with minimal lecture. Discussion will follow with participants invited to share other methods.

Pike Building, 113
Presenter: Sandra Saad


Predicting Student Success . . .

The “Predicting Student Success…” theme revolves around a favorite TV show Person of Interest concept, and it is about the many ways that colleges and universities collect and use massive quantities and sometimes unusual, data before and during college to predict whether students will successfully complete a degree. Some universities have up to a 90 percent success rate at correctly predicting the success of their freshmen before they register for courses.

Johnson Building, 144 (TMI Center)
Presenter: Etta Cantrell

Being an Entertaining Speaker/Teacher: No Matter the Topic

Have you ever wondered, “How can I keep Suzy Q. Smith from falling asleep during my lectures?” Well, there are ways to keep your students/your audience entertained so you keep their attention. During this workshop, Laura Hall will share from her experiences in entertaining audiences through the years and how it correlates to her experience in the classroom. As a public speaking instructor, she will share how it is possible to make most any subject entertaining for your students, along with tricks you can learn to keep your students entertained and engaged during a lecture setting. And if you have a creative idea (for entertaining students) that you would like to share with other instructors, come and join in on the discussion.

Pike Building 104
Presenter: Laura Ford Hall

iPad Lessons for the Blind and Visually Impaired: How to Use Voice Over

Presenter will demonstrate the various voice over apps available through the iPhone to show how persons with vision loss can use their Apple products for multiple functions that help them accomplish particular goals. Mr. Sparks wants “to show how Apple has really changed my life for the better.”

Pike Building 115
Presenter: Eric Sparks


Advising 101: Beginner Advising

This session is perfect for any new faculty or staff member who needs assistance learning how to advise effectively. Advising is a very complex process, and there are many processes, forms, and computer applications for advisors to learn. This session will bring an advisor in at the beginning stages of advising, answer many questions, and help to prepare the advisor to serve our students better. If you have moved or will be moving positions into one that requires advising as part of your new job duties, this workshop is highly recommended, and it is required for new faculty members completing the Big Sandy O.N.E. Orientation Program.

Pike Building 104
Presenter: Laura Ford Hall

Student Diversity Panel

According to the Disability Support Services survey conducted during the professional development sessions for fall 2015, faculty indicated that they would like to attend a student panel presentation of students with disabilities. MSO students indicated they thought a diverse panel of students would be a good way for others to dialogue with students to better understand them. As a result, DSS and the Office of Cultural Diversity chose to combine a diverse panel of students to share their perspectives and experiences on what it is like to be considered “different” due to lifestyle, disability, culture, ethnicity, or race. These students invite questions and discussion to dispel stereotypes, enhance acceptance, and promote an environment of inclusiveness at BSCTC.

Pike Building 115
Presenters: Janie Beverley & Tina Terry